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93rd Birthday Celebration of Grand Master Lam Cho

Lam Cho with his sons Lam Chun Fai and Lam Chun SingGrand Masters Lam Cho, the living legend of Hung Gar, celebrated his 93'rd birthday on Tuesday, 18th of February 2003. Family, friends, Hung Gar instructors and students from all corners of the world joined Lam Cho sigung on this happy event which was held at the Grand Lord Sea Food Restaurant located in Prince Edward/Hong Kong.

A memorable and truly an enjoyable occasion, Lam Cho sigung's birthday celebration has become an event not to be missed. Every years Hung Gar practitioners from all parts of the world coming from all walks of life gather in
Hong Kong to pay their respect and celebrate sigung's birthday as one big family.

This year's birthday party/banquet was exceptionally bigger, in-fact one of the biggest ever held. An overwhelming number of guests turned up for sigung's birthday to convey their best wishes and share in the festivities.Over all there were more than 400 guests from many different countries, including: USA, England, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Japan etc. Never before had there been so many foreign students who attended the birthday. Grand Master was extremly pleased with the international flavor of his birthday and the continuing growth of his family style. Lam Cho sigung himself as well as his sons Lam Chun Fai and Lam Chun Sing sifu personaly welcomed every single guest.

As in previous years this years birthday party included traditional lion dance performance and breathtaking gung fu demonstrations. The party began at around
seven o'clock with the remarkable display of traditional lion dance performances by Lam Cho Sigung's grand students. The lion dance was followed by gung fu or demonstration by the future generations of Hung Gar. It was a delightfull sight for all to see the youngesters skilfully demonstrate variety of different Hung Gar forms to the sound of the drum. Following the kids' performances, a large birthday cake was brought in which Grand Master Lam Cho cut with his family besides him. Afterwards the hung gar practitioners,teachers and students from around the world gathered around grand master Lam Cho and his sons Lam Chun Fai sifu and Lam Chun Sing sifu to take photos.

Lam Cho Sigung's 93rd birthday

The party proceeded with top notch gung fu demonstration by instructors and students from around the world. One by one, they displayed their hard earned skills by performing wide range of hand, weapon and two men sets. As far as hung gar demonstartions would go, grand masters birthday party is the place to be to see some of the best hung gar demonstrations any body would hope to see. With great concentration, precision and strength, students and sifus performed many different Hung Gar forms, including; Kwan Do, Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen, Sup Ying Kuen, Kuan Lan Gim, Pek Kwa Darn Do, Seung Long Do, Fu Hok Doy Cha, Darn Do Chin Cheong and more. Some of the best moments of the night included breathtaking performances by grand master Lam Cho's sons, Lam Chun Sing and Lam Chun Fai. The spectators were thrilled with the amazing accuracy, speed and skilfulness displayed by both Lam Chun Fai and Lam Chun Sing sifu.

After the demonstrations, the night continued with the birthday feast. Everyone settled down to enjoy the delicious food and delicacies served by the Grand Lord Sea Food restaurant. The birthday party concluded with grand master thanking every guest personally for joining him at his 93rd birthday.

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