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:: Kung-Fu Qiqong 2002

:: Kung-Fu Qiqong 2000


Lam Family In The News
Over the years, grandmaster Lam Chun Fai and his family has been featured in hundreds of publications, reports, books and TV shows all over the world. Here are some selected magazine and newspaper articles featuring grandmaster Lam Chun Fai.

Hung Gar's Lam Chun Fai (English)
Kung-Fu Qiqong - February 2002 - By Martha Burr
Kung Fu Qigong Magazine 2002...When I was growing up, I had a big interest in kung fu, and I tried to practice better than the others. At that time my father trained us real hard, he was very serious... read more

Lam Cho's 90th Birthday Celebration (English)
Kung-Fu Qiqong - June 2000 - By Ben Hunter
A short article on Lam Cho Sigung's 90th birthday celebration in Hong Kong. Students and sifu's from all around the world attend sigung's birthday party... read more

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen (Chinese)
New Martial Arts Magazine - Hong Kong - 1978
Here are some pages from a Hong Kong kung fu magazine published in 1978 featuring grandmaster Lam Chun Fai performing the Tiger & Crane 2 men set... Page 1 - Page 2

Lam Chun Fai in Czech 2001 (Czech)
Naše Valašsko - 18.6.2001
Kung Fu Qigong Magazine 2002A Czech newspaper article covering the Lam Chun Fai sifu's visit to Prague, Czech Republic in 2001. This article is in Czech language.... read

War Palm (English)
Kung-Fu Qiqong - June 2002
Follow up to the February issue of Kung fu Qigong.In this issue grandmaster Lam Chun Fai demonstrates a few selected techniques from the War Palm set... Page 1 - P. 2 - P. 3

Lam Chun Fai, Lam Family Hung Kuen (German)
Budoworld - July/ August 2003 -By Evelyn Garksi
An article published in the German martial arts magazine BudoWorld on Lam Family Hung Kuen...
Page 1 - P. 2 - P. 3 - P. 4

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