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Rare US Tour By Grandmaster Lam Attracts Enthusiastic Participants from
Across the Country

Hung Gar GrandMaster Lam Chun Fai, the son of Hung Ga Grand Master Lam Cho and the great nephew of the legendary Lam Sai Wing, recently completed a highly successful seminar tour of the US. This was the first time a member of the Lam family came to the US for an extended tour.

The first stop of the tour was in Bellingham Washington at Lanes Tiger & Crane Gung Fu Academy where the Grand Master taught and corrected over 50 enthusiastic participants as well as making himself available for private lessons. Si-fu Lane was a gracious host and one of the sponsors of the tour. It was a very exciting weekend for all involved.

The next stop was in Concord, California. The seminar started with a Hung Ga demonstration with Si-fus from all over the US performing and participating in the seminar. Performers included the sponsors of the tour: Calvin Chin from Boston, Don Hamby and Fred Lee from Los Angeles, Eddie Lane from Bellingham Washington and George Kikes and Ben Hunter from Walnut Creek California. Si-fu Kwong Wing Lam also attended the performance to greet the Grand Master. The high point of the demonstration was Grand Master Lam performing techniques from the famed Tiger/Crane and Gung Gee sets. Grand Master Lam then spent the next two days teaching and correcting the Tiger and Crane form. The 60+ participants were thrilled to be learning directly from the Grand Master.

The finale of the tour was in Boston where Calvin Chin hosted a three day seminar for his students and ended the tour with a grand banquet in Boston’s Chinatown. Grand Master Lam taught forms, techniques and applications for to 75 students, some of them driving over 10 hours to participate in the seminar. On the final day Si-fu Chin opened his school to the public for an open house and Gung Fu performance. Si-fu Chin’s students preformed before Grand Master Lam and over 200 guests. A banquet followed the performance where the guests included the extended family of the late Kwong Tit Fu who was Calvin Chin’s teacher and a student of Lam Cho, and also Tang Kwok Wah the most senior of Lam Cho’s students.

The success of the tour has Grand Master Lam already planning a second tour for sometime next year. According to Grand Master Lam, “The enthusiasm and commitment of the students I have met during this tour makes me want to return.” The unity, friendship and camaraderie demonstrated by all the Hung Gar student's and Si-fu's was also a point of great satisfaction for the Grand Master. As the Grand Master put it, “After all, we are one big family.”

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