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First Hung kuen Open World Cup Prague 2003
On June 8th, 2003,  the First Hung Kuen Open World Cup was held in  the city of Prague, Czech Republic. The "Czech Association of Hungkuen Kungfu" of sifu Roman Hladík organized the event. Ca. 60 participants joined the tournament, divided in five categories (children, beginners, short form, long form and weapons).

Grandmaster Lam Chun Fai from Hong Kong treated the spectators to demonstrations before the main event.  In addition, sifu Michael Goodwin (USA) sifu Massimo Iannacone  (Italy), sifu Andreas Garksi (Germany) and the hosting sifu Roman Hladik also performed.

Winners Category Weapons Short Form: Roman Hladik (left) with his student Martin,
Lam Chun Fai (right) with his winning student Charris

After the thrilling demonstrations, the events began, and the participants took to the floor. Overcoming their own nerves and the warm temperatures of over 30° Celsius, they showed their forms in front of a jury, consisting of: Roman Hladik, Andreas Garski, Massimo Iannacone and Piotr Osuch (a sifu from Poland). The participants showed high skills and the winners were rewarded trophies and diplomas.

Winners Category Weapons

1. Gabor Farkasch - Germany
2. Maciej Gabryszewski -
Pawel Portalski - Poland

1. Dragos Calmuc - Germany
2. Ondřej Zavadil -
Czech Republic
3. Ondřej Horský x - Czech Republic

Short Forms
1. Charris van 't Slot - Netherlands
Dominik Jasinski - Poland
3. Martin Hrdý - Czech Republic

Long Forms
1. Ján Hrankay - Slowak
2. Adam Gzyra -
3. Luděk Sulda -
Czech Republic

1. Adam Gzyra - Poland
2. Jiří Hauska -
Czech Republic
3. Dragos Calmuc -



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